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Garden Pond

Welcome to Robin's Nest !

We design and build naturalized water gardens and garden swim ponds for customers wanting a remarkable experience at their home or business. With respect to the earth and to you, our valued customer, our goal is to create a backyard habitat for your family to enjoy - one that is free of harsh chemicals and is kind to Mother Nature. In doing so, we blend conservation, composition, and practical design to create a naturalistic, healing oasis. One you can look forward to relaxing near, or in, every day of your life.

We are a Maine based company also helping clients in New Hampshire and Vermont.. Our focus is creating water features as unique as you are - including garden ponds, natural swimming pools, and garden swim ponds - all of which utilize bio filtration systems. These systems are not only lush and beautiful to admire, but their purpose is to clean and filter your water as you would find in any natural water environment.

Our Partnership with Bio Top Pools is in it's second year and looks to be a great combination. We are excited, and proud, to be working with the originator of the "Natural Swimming Pool". Click either link below to discover the beauty of chemical free swimming.

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Let us help you create your backyard paradise with endless possibilities…

Christopher and Terri Paquette

Water Gardens and Ponds

Water Gardens, also known as garden ponds, are designed to reflect the customers idea of tranquility in nature. Using stone, plant material, and water, we strive to bring a little piece of nature, or memory of nature, into the home environment. Most of our garden ponds have a bog filter, or plants filter above them, returning the water by means of a waterfall or brook.

Natural Swimming Pools

These pools are defined as being totally free of chemicals and having a defined swim zone wall that separates swimming from the plants filter zone. The plants filter zone is usually as big in surface area as the swim zone.These natural swimming pools have been around in Europe for many years and are growing in popularity in the United States.

Garden Swim Ponds

Garden Swim Ponds are a hybrid of the Garden Ponds and Natural Swimming Pools. They have a high filtration rate and large filter zone built right into the edge of the pond, usually with a remote filter above it in the form of a bog, or bio-filter. Garden Swim Ponds do not have a swim zone wall, and look more natural than natural swimming pools.

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